Biography, Further Training and Affiliations

Short Biography:

My early training was in Biochemistry (BSc) and after graduation I worked in Medical Research. Later, I went on to train in Information Management (MSc) and worked in the Pharmaceutical and IT industry. I gained experience of a wide range of organisations from a small property company to multi-nationals like Glaxo and Compaq. As well as technical support and training I gained business management experience through running a small team. After moving to Japan I started broadening my interests and experience by entering the area of psychotherapy through Telephone Counselling. On return to the UK, I embarked on a 3 year Post Grad. Dip. in Psychosynthesis Counselling. After graduating, I set up my own practice and worked with individuals, couples and groups. From 2005-2014 , I worked at the Wellbeing Centre at Surrey University as a Senior Counsellor. I have two sons and live in Surrey and enjoy singing, walking, yoga and meditation. I contributed a chapter to book about why therapists become therapists. I bring all of my experience to my therapeutic work, I hope it allows me to be an empathic witness and skilful therapist for my clients.

Other Trainings I have completed:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
The Enneagram
Eco psychology
Family Constellations
The Hoffman Process


SCPI Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative
CPA Climate Psychology Alliance