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This is a page available to participants of the Enneagram eCourse.The aim of this page is to connect us all together and to facilitate conversations around the subject of the Enneagram. Please feel free to leave a comment, make an observation, ask a question or respond to points raised by others.

16 thoughts on “Enneagram eCourse Discussion Page

  1. Kate B says:

    I really enjoyed the introduction – it’s very clear and my appetite is definitely whetted. I am looking forward to learning more. However, having done both questionnaires and one previously before this course I’m confused as to which type I am as I’ve come out as 3 different types in each – help – identity crisis! However, on reading the descriptions I think I’m a bit clearer and as we go along hope the mists will clear further. Thank you Susan!

    • I am so glad you are enjoying the course. The identity crisis is a common response especially for people who have done quite a lot of work on themselves as you have. Also the questionnaire is very basic and so not very accurate for some people. Probably best to use the in depth descriptions that are coming up in Lesson 4 and see what resonates most. In the end we are called to heal all of the types because even though we have a dominant type we are all of the types at the soul level. I hope this makes sense.

  2. Hi Susan, thank you again for providing this very interesting course. I was ever so slightly surprised at the outcome of the questionnaire, but after reading about the type in more detail I could definitely recognise many of the characteristics.
    I am however finding it quite hard to hold the subtypes, wings, heart points and defensive points in mind. I find myself re-reading sections but I suspect my difficulty is an indication of how “blended” I may be. Does that make sense?

    • Susan McGrath says:

      I am not totally sure what you mean by “blended” but I do know that there is a lot to take in and the course is very concentrated so please hold it lightly and coming back to the lessons again and again over time helps to integrate the material. Our denial of loss of contact with our true essential nature takes time to unfold and in the meantime it helps to go slowly and be kind to ourselves. The ongoing face to face group, continuing on the 18th of September 2015, could be a resource for support and this discussion page will stay open for further comment, again as a resource for the future.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am really enjoying the course Susan, it’s so lovely to learn at my own pace! Find the different types interesting, I knew who I was straight away and the questionnaire confirmed it. thanks

    • I am so glad you are enjoying the course. I have done several eCourses myself and like you love that I can go at my own pace and return to the material as often as I like.

  4. David Scoffield says:

    I’ve been working with surrender meditation for a couple of years and it is encouraging to know that the work is happening in the milliseconds between thoughts because often it seems the monkey mind will never cease its chatter! Sometimes thoughts seem like a constant stream.

    • It is only constant to the ego not to the soul. I hope this makes sense but when we live from the ego the monkey mind is in control but at the level of true nature there is peace waiting for us.

  5. Mary McGrath says:

    I have enjoyed this experience immensely especially the audio file. I find that I can find all my friends and family on the enneagram chart but not myself. I am sure this is quite a normal feeling when people read the first lesson. I am looking forward to the next lesson to find out much more about myself and the enneagram.

  6. christine houghton says:

    Just wanted to say first of all that I did the Enneagram questionnaire at least 6 months ago and I did both questionnaires this time and had exactly the same result – I imagine I would have answered some questions slightly differently, but the fact it was exactly the same really struck me.

    • Susan McGrath says:

      Great start! Yes the idea is that as adults our type is pretty much set. However, as we develop the more healthy qualities of that type become more available. Then as we develop more the virtues of that type then become more present than the passions. More on that in future lessons.

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    • Annei Soanes says:

      This is all so lovely Susan! I’m really enjoying receiving the information – it’s fascinating and I’m SO impressed with the technology. Thank you!

    • Christine Houghton says:

      The enneagram appears to me to be very useful in terms of raising awareness quite quickly. For instance, if eventually I used this with clients I imagine it could quickly clarify and validate characteristics and perhaps help with taking responsibility for the more negative or unhelpful qualities. It is all very interesting. Thank you Susan.

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