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“Other than the Hoffman, the Enneagram is one of the most profound methods of understanding I’ve researched.”

Tim Laurence, Hoffman UK

The Enneagram-unblocking our true nature

The Enneagram is a tool for personal development and growth.  The word enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea (“nine”) and gram (“something written or drawn”) and refers to the nine points on the Enneagram symbol (see below). The nine different Enneagram styles, identified as numbers One to Nine, reflect distinct habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving, with each style connected to a unique path of development. Each of us has one place, number or type on the Enneagram, this is our dominant type; while our Enneagram style remains the same throughout our lifetime, the characteristics of our type can soften as we grow,develop and unblock ourselves. Even though we have one dominant type we also can identify with all of the types to some degree since they are universal ways of relating.


The Enneagram’s exact ancient history is uncertain, although the system first appeared in both Asia and the Middle East several thousand years ago or longer. Over time, the Enneagram has emerged in various parts of the world, and its modern usage has been heavily influenced by three individuals. Two philosophers began working with the Enneagram on different continents: G.I. Gurdjieff in the 1930s in Europe, and Oscar Ichazo from the 1950s to the present in South America. Claudio Naranjo, an American psychiatrist born in Chile, initially studied the Enneagram with Ichazo and brought it to the United States the 1970s. The contemporary use of the Enneagram has grown from the work of these three individuals and has been advanced by other teachers.

Within this eCourse each type will be outlined in accurate detail and it can be very illuminating to see ourselves and others described so accurately. However, the power of the enneagram lies in helping us see that our enneatype is not who we are but who we take ourselves to be.  With awareness the personality loosens and instead of reacting in our habitual ways we are freer to be more of who we really are and pursue our goals and creativity with refreshed vigour.  It not only helps us understand ourselves better but our loved ones too, fostering understanding and empathy for the way others behave and think.

Free Introductory Lesson

The eCourse of the Enneagram consists of 6 email lessons delivered to your inbox over 12 days. The first lesson is free but if you want to continue there is a charge of £60.

Within the course there is information on finding your type and each type is outlined in detail. Audio files are embedded into the emails that include additional information and there is a discussion page for comments and questions. You have access to the emails indefinitely which allows you to go at your own pace and come back to the material again and again. I do hope you will sign up and allow the Enneagram to open up a new world of self-understanding and possibility.


Susan has been working with the Enneagram for 5 years and incorporates the Enneagram in her work as a psychotherapist, coach and supervisor. Please contact her for Enneagram Coaching on 07712003233 or email susan@susanmcgraththerapy.com.to

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